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A Modern Training Aircraft 

General Overview

The B-250T is a trainer single-engine, propeller-driven aircraft designed and developed by UAE based CALIDUS LLC.

B-250T Training Aircraft Overview 

The B-250T, is a versatile, high-performance, and modern training aircraft. The B-250T presents a superior and unique training platform. Combining its state-of-the-art structural modern design, comprising of high-strength carbon fiber structure and cutting-edge avionics, the B-250T delivers optimized training whilst achieving the desired pilot endurance levels. The unique aerodynamic design of the B-250T allows for outstanding aerobatic maneuverability and exceptional performance. The B-250T is designed to ensure easy maintenance and flexibility for multiple configurations and future enhancements.

State-of-the-Art Cockpit

The B-250T is fully capable of satisfying all training requirements from entry-level to advanced-level. The B-250T integrated systems offer full pilot operational awareness facilitated by a cutting-edge Large Area Display (LAD). The cockpit layout, tandem seat positioning with roomy space, and pressurized systems with air conditioning system, were carefully designed to allow an exceptional training experience.

High Training Capability

At the heart of the B-250T design, was a careful consideration to offer a top learning and training experience allowing trainee pilots to transition to advanced levels in no time. This is guaranteed due to the B-250T encompassing the latest groundbreaking technologies for military missions. The B-250T is equipped with a sophisticated yet user-friendly fifth generation cockpit, found in modern fighter aircraft, which is already proven in the B-250 Light Attack Aircraft allowing pilots to easily convert to compatible platforms. In addition, the B-250T design facilitates flexible selection among various potential missions tailored to customer needs via different add-on options. Thus, this state-of-the-art integrated design offered by cutting-edge avionics and mission systems creates advanced situational awareness and allows the pilot instructors to provide a comprehensive and integrated learning experience attained through the B-250T.

Ready-for-Mission Training

A cost-efficient highlight of the B-250T is the intelligently designed Ground-Based Training System (GBTS), which assures highly efficient and effective learning on the ground paving the way for foolproof training in the air. Utilizing revolutionary learning technologies such as immersive virtual reality tools and comprehensive mission-tailored training programs, the B-250T GBTS offers a complete flight simulation progressive training experience and guarantees that pilots will be ready for any mission at minimal costs.

The B-250T allows for various sophisticated simulations and functionalities including radar, sensor, mission system management, air-to-air and air-to-ground operations with day-and-night operations. The avionics and mission simulation represent the latest which technology can offer and result in qualifying the trainee pilots for real-life operations in time effective and cost-efficient manners.

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