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LRV - 20

The Light Tactical Vehicle


The LRV-20 is a state-of-the-art light tactical vehicle and is one of CLS avantgarde land systems’ products. Highly mobile in synergy with high-performance weapons systems, the LRV-20 is an indispensable addition to the arsenal of ground forces and has the tactical advantage designed to support battlespace front-line reconnaissance, rapid assault, air deployment and fire support missions.



The LRV-20 is designed with modularity in mind and can easily be configured for specific missions and weapon stations.The goal is to have a small, highly mobile vehicle that can effectively accomplish missions, and that is able to avoid monitoring and targeting through stealth and agility.


The LRV-20 focuses on all-terrain performance utilizing low ground pressure, high ground clearance, differential locks, adjustable suspension, semi-automatic tyre inflation system, long reach fuel tank, and steep approach, breakover and departure angles.



The vehicle can be equipped with advanced communication technology, providing high-capacity bandwidth enabling the crew to update the field mission according to data dispatched from the operations area to the command-and-control chamber and receive appropriate directions. Additionally, satellite communication devices can be fitted to ensure secure communications in all circumstances for reconnaissance and collaborative teamwork, bypassing enemy positions and potential threats to swiftly reach targets.



The configuration capabilities of the LRV-20 empower it to conduct a variety of tactical and security tasks including rapid intervention, surveillance, intelligence and fire support missions. Modern blitzkrieg techniques and situational awareness empower the crew to obtain real-time information,


access to communications with the operations room, collect intelligence data and integrate the work team into a broader mission as required.



High velocity, better ride quality and comfortability for the crew on rough roads and difficult terrain makes the LRV-20 among the best low-cost light tactical vehicles available on the market. The wide range of missions are possible thanks to the modularity allowing the integration of remotely controlled weapon systems from drone launching systems to direct fire support for infantry and special forces in various security missions. The vehicle’s armament system allows for firing at a long range with high precision. The vehicle is designed to be highly adaptable to primary missions and functions and allows for a configuration of 4 crew or alternatively 3 with a centered rear gunner.



The LRV is built in accordance with the miliary standards and FIA for roll cage design to ensure high passenger safety. The platform’s design includes a securable rear cargo bay, additional ammunition storage and self-recovery equipment. Designed to be tactically swift and highly mobile, the LRV-20 is reliable and low maintenance.



This light tactical vehicle quickly adjusts to urgent and diverse transportation needs. A Chinook Ch47 can air lift two LRVs simultaneously. The UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, using slings, can be used for safe rapid deployment and evacuation due to the ease of use of attachment points integrated on the LRV-20. Whether transported by air, land, or sea, the vehicle is ready on arrival for deployment and mission engagement, giving troops the reliability, effectiveness and performance required for combat environments.



The LRV-20 provides all the light tactical needs required for the next mission, with aftermarket support, training, and maintenance arrangements.

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