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MCAV 001

A Combat Platform at the Forefront of Vehicles in its Category

Multitasking Capabilities

The MCAV001 has capabilities according to the standards of the next generation of combat vehicles. Among its multi-role capabilities, the vehicle engages efficiently and effectively in armed combat with an operational efficiency that covers a geographical range of seven hundred kilometers, provides fire support to infantry forces on the battlefield, and conducts border patrol and secures them from hostile elements. This multirole combat armoured vehicle can also carry out reconnaissance and surveillance missions, military personnel transportation, and medical evacuation, along with a broad spectrum of other multitasking missions including peacekeeping, special security missions, and Quick Response Force missions.

Manoeuvrability & Agility

Unique design elements in this cost-effective vehicle allow for more than one-ton payload, two crew members and three dismounts, while maintaining agility and maneuverability across various terrains. The upgraded driveline, good approach angle, departure angle, ground clearance and track width of the MCAV001 enables the vehicle to manoeuvre trenches, slopes, side slopes, fording obstacles and climbing obstacles with ease and comfort while the MCAV001 sharp turning radius, powerful accelerations and upgraded brake system contribute to the vehicle’s excellent agility in various missions.


The MCAV001 is developed to provide the highest levels of protection in its class against ballistic threats (STANAG 4569 Level 2), landmine threats (STANAG 4569 M2A and M2B) and can survive a roadside 25 kg TNT IED detonation at 5m from the side of the vehicle, 1m above the ground with no injurious effect to the crew with a well-designed hull and Add on Armour system.

Armament Options

The smart hull design of the MCAV001 allows for integration of numerous remote controlled and manned weapon stations, providing the required firepower by the End-user.

Seamless Configuration

The MCAV 001 can also be customized and configured as per the End-user specific requirements. This outstanding multirole combat armoured vehicle can be deployed in a multitude of military and tactical operations. The MCAV001 is equipped with a capacity fuel tank that enables it to complete long range missions of over 700 km. Standard equipment fitted on the MCAV001 are a semi-automatic tyre inflation system, front and rear driving aid camera system, search light and onboard tools.


With a vehicle length of 6.13 m, height of 2.38 m and width of 2.4 m the MCAV001 can be transported by air in a C17 and C130.

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