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MCAV 005

The Next Generation Multirole Combat Armoured Vehicle on the Frontlines


With its suspension, braking, semi-automatic tyre inflation systems, superior trench crossing, off-road gradient and side slope capabilities, high ground clearance, superb acute turning circle, efficient transmission; all combined with a powerful turbo-charged engine that delivers 330 HP, the MCAV005, developed and manufactured by Calidus CLS Automotives Technologies, allows for unique levels of mobility and mission efficiency on all terrains, including urban, rural, and cross-country engagement theaters. Furthermore, the vehicle’s driveline and powertrain support a fully loaded payload on the most rugged grounds while keeping performance at the highest levels.

Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with powerful powertrain and transmission systems according to the latest international automotive specifications, empowering the crew to load the vehicle with the maximum load on the most rugged surfaces while maintaining, at the same time, the superior performance of this multi role armoured personnel carrier at high performance level. This allows for unique levels of mobility and mission efficiency over all terrains, including urban and rural theaters of operation and challenging terrain. As per configuration, the vehicle can be equipped with optional global positioning system, external radio communication, satellite communications and navigation devices.

Manoeuvrability & Agility

The upgraded driveline, good approach angle, departure angle, ground clearance and track width of the MCAV005 enables the vehicle to manoeuvre trenches, slopes, side slopes, fording obstacles and climbing obstacles with ease and comfort while the MCAV005 sharp turning radius, powerful accelerations and upgraded brake system contribute to the vehicle’s excellent agility in various missions.


The MCAV005 is developed to provide the highest levels of protection in its class against ballistic threats, (STANAG 4569 KE Level 3, landmine threats (STANAG 4569 M3A & M3B) and IED threats (25kg TNT, 5m from the side of vehicle and 1m from ground), safe-guarding the lives of the vehicle’s occupants with a well-designed hull and the implementation of CLS proprietary solution for composite Add-on-Armour.

Armament Options

The smart hull design of the MCAV005 allows for the integration of numerous remote controlled and manned weapon stations, providing the required firepower by the end-user.


The MCAV005 can also be customized and configured as per the end-user’s specific requirements. This outstanding multi-role combat armoured vehicle can be deployed in a multitude of military and tactical applications that include, but not limited to, army special operations, border patrol, peacekeeping and Quick Reaction Force missions. The MCAV005 is equipped with a fuel tank capacity that enables it to complete long range missions of over 700 kilometers. Standard equipment fitted on the MCAV005 are a semi-automatic tyre inflation system, front and rear driving aid camera system, search light and onboard tools.


With a vehicle length of 6.13m, height of 2.5 m and width of 2.4 m, the MCAV005 can be transported by air in a C17 and C130. Special designed attachment points on the hull enable the MCAV005 to be lifted by crane where the means of transport requires the vehicle to be lifted onto a platform.

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