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UAE Calidus is Achieving Progress at the Forefront of Aerospace and Land Industries

Jan 1, 2023

The Abu Dhabi-based Calidus unveiled today details of its new defense product, the WAHASH armored infantry vehicle, and stated that further progress has been made in the development of its light attack aircraft, the B-250.

In this context, Mr. Abdullah Al-Sayed Al-Hashemi, Senior Vice President of the company, stated, “Our products meet the needs and requirements of many military forces by providing advanced solutions that enable them to perform missions with high efficiency and cost effectiveness. This is our message, and IDEX 2019 is the ideal platform to deliver it. The Calidus team has made huge strides since its inception over the past four years.”It is worth noting that the B-250 light combat aircraft will be the first of its kind to be manufactured in the United Arab Emirates, and flight tests of the aircraft are now being conducted in Al Ain.Calidus’ in-house team of engineers and designers in Abu Dhabi is working to develop the capabilities of the B-250. Designed to undertake multi-role missions in asymmetric warfare, including Close Air Support (CAS), counterterrorism, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), the aircraft can also be used for basic and advanced training of pilots. This made the B250 aircraft gain significant attention from regional and international air forces.Calidus has built a global network of suppliers as part of its B-250 monumental efforts, including the U.S. based Rockwell Collins Corporation, the British Martin Baker, Canada’s Pratt & Whitney, and the Abu Dhabi-based Halcon Systems.As Calidus expands its range of solutions, the IFV WAHASH is a land defense product to add to its arsenal.Visitors to the Calidus Pavilion at IDEX can view its light and multi-role combat aircraft B- 250, and the WAHASH Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). The Calidus Pavilion at IDEX is located at platform 04-C15 between Entrances C and D.The 8×8 WAHASH is a cost-effective Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) capable of multitasking in challenging conditions through its ground and amphibious capabilities. In addition to providing WAHASH with perimeter cameras, it is also outfitted with cutting-edge protection solutions against improvised explosive devices and landmines, and its armor is designed to protect against ballistic missiles. The WAHASH is also designed to mount large-caliber weapon systems including the BMP-3 and several remote-controlled weapon stations.

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