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Mission Ready

CALIDUS provides advanced aeronautical and land systems that increase mobility, maneuverability, protection, battlefield range, and firepower


As a technology development and manufacturing enterprise, founded in 2015 and based in Abu Dhabi ...


From the concept design to the development and manufacture phases, Calidus Aerospace produces state-of-the-art aerospace products, systems and solutions with the world’s leading capabilities and components as well as providing aftermarket service throughout the life cycle of the products. At the core of our aeronautical solutions, high quality, safety, and performance are of paramount importance.



Land Vehicles are developed and produced by CLS Automotive Technologies. CLS, an affiliate of CALIDUS, is a defense technology company that produces land vehicles and related subsystems and provides integration solutions for various related mission equipment.




Calidus is a regional leader in aerospace and land systems defense products’ design, development, manufacture, and production. The company provides world-class aeronautical and land design technologies and innovative solutions to its clientele base. Calidus in-house design office handles the full development cycle including design and engineering as well as manufacturing and technical support. Every part of the process, from the design and engineering phase to development and manufacturing is accomplished utilizing state of the art technology.





As a technology development and manufacturing enterprise, founded in 2015 and based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Calidus provides next-generation aeronautical and land defense systems built with world class designs and cutting-edge technology, forefront components and fully integrated solutions that are tailored to its customers network from the concept design and engineering phase to development and manufacturing the defense products, as well as implementing industrial enterprises investment programs that are consistent with the vision and strategy of Calidus LLC.


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Calidus, as a Technology Development & Manufacturing company is committed to the quality and satisfaction of its stakeholders, using risk- based thinking and process approach on our daily operations execution as well as when planning strategic objectives.

Mission Assurance

We make use of our experience,expertise and innovation to deliver the projects on time with the complete satisfaction of our customer.


We provide the best consultation and support to the client for completing their dream projects. Our customer support team gives the proper solution for our clients.


Cultivating an organizational ethos cantered on social responsibility, advocating for the welfare, development, and inclusivity of individuals, thereby contributing positively to the broader societal fabric through our people-centric initiatives and values

Positive Partnerships

Collaborative relationships with organizations that are founded on trust, mutual benefit, shared values, and effective communication. Creating synergy that drive common goals.

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