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Land Vehicles

Land Vehicles are developed and produced by CLS Automotive Technologies. CLS, an affiliate of CALIDUS, is a defense technology company that produces land vehicles and related subsystems and provides integration solutions for various related mission equipment.


The WAHASH is an advanced 8x8 vehicle platform manufactured by CLS, developed to push the boundaries of payload, mobility, protection and firepower for land and amphibious operations. The WAHASH vehicle system is designed to operate under extreme weather, terrain, and climatic conditions to enable mounted forces to complete their missions. The vehicle’s capabilities have been proven through its successful participation in the End-user’s trials and its successful completion of land and amphibious missions followed by shooting trials.


MCAV 005

With its suspension, braking, semi-automatic tyre inflation systems, superior trench crossing, off-road gradient and side slope capabilities, high ground clearance, superb acute turning circle, efficient transmission; all combined with a powerful turbo-charged engine that delivers 330 HP, the MCAV005, developed and manufactured by Calidus CLS Automotives Technologies, allows for unique levels of mobility and mission efficiency on all terrains, including urban, rural, and cross-country engagement theaters. Furthermore, the vehicle’s driveline and powertrain support a fully loaded payload on the most rugged grounds while keeping performance at the highest levels.

MCAV 001

The MCAV001 has capabilities according to the standards of the next generation of combat vehicles. Among its multi-role capabilities, the vehicle engages efficiently and effectively in armed combat with an operational efficiency that covers a geographical range of seven hundred kilometers, provides fire support to infantry forces on the battlefield, and conducts border patrol and secures them from hostile elements. This multirole combat armoured vehicle can also carry out reconnaissance and surveillance missions, military personnel transportation, and medical evacuation, along with a broad spectrum of other multitasking missions including peacekeeping, special security missions, and Quick Response Force missions.


LRV - 20

The LRV-20 is a state-of-the-art light tactical vehicle and is one of CLS avantgarde land systems’ products. Highly mobile in synergy with high-performance weapons systems, the LRV-20 is an indispensable addition to the arsenal of ground forces and has the tactical advantage designed to support battlespace front-line reconnaissance, rapid assault, air deployment and fire support missions.

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