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From the concept design to the development and manufacture phases, Calidus Aerospace produces state-of-the-art aerospace products, systems and solutions with the world’s leading capabilities and components as well as providing aftermarket service throughout the life cycle of the products. At the core of our aeronautical solutions, high quality, safety, and performance are of paramount importance.


The Calidus B-250 is a light attack aircraft with multi-role capabilities designed for combat missions such as close air support (CAS) for ground troops and special forces’ operations, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), persistent air support (PAS), counterinsurgency (COIN), in addition to basic and advanced training.



The B-250T, is a versatile, high-performance, and modern training aircraft. The B-250T presents a superior and unique training platform. Combining its state-of-the-art structural modern design, comprising of high-strength carbon fiber structure and cutting-edge avionics, the B-250T delivers optimized training whilst achieving the desired pilot endurance levels. The unique aerodynamic design of the B-250T allows for outstanding aerobatic maneuverability and exceptional performance. The B-250T is designed to ensure easy maintenance and flexibility for multiple configurations and future enhancements.

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