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About Us



As a technology development and manufacturing enterprise, founded in 2015 and based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Calidus provides next-generation aeronautical and land defense systems built with world class designs and cutting-edge technology, forefront components and fully integrated solutions that are tailored to its customers network from the concept design and engineering phase to development and manufacturing the defense products, as well as implementing industrial enterprises investment programs that are consistent with the vision and strategy of CALIDUS LLC.

Calidus provides its clientele base in the region, the Middle East and the world with top-notch technologies and innovative defense solutions that meet their needs for next-generation equipment across various defense sectors.

The Company is committed to empower its clients’ capabilities to defend their national security, and effectively respond to various defensive challenges in both conventional and asymetric warfare, and provide critical support to special forces in combating terrorism and violent insurgency.

And through solid business relationships based on credibility, efficiency, reliability, ability to deliver, full compliance with international best standards, flawless execution of projects, and world-class customer tailored products, Calidus LLC, with its two subsidiaries in aerospace and land defense technologies’ domains, excelled in engraving its brand products in the regional defense industry map.

Calidus LLC has in-house state-of-the-art engineering and logistical capabilities for systems and platforms design, development and integration in aerospace and land applications.

There are two affiliate companies that operate under Calidus LLC:

  • Calidus Aerospace LLC

  • CLS Automotive Technologies LLC

From its foundational debut, Calidus has been working on major defense development projects, such as the B-250 light-attack aircraft and the armored combat vehicle, Wahash, an exceptionally powerful multi-role 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Calidus LLC is a pioneer in the region in the design and production of these highly sophisticated and complex military systems. During the development of both the B-250 and WAHASH, Calidus LLC was developing its internal manufacturing and testing facilities in Al Ain (Aerospace) and Al Wathba (Land Systems).


Our mission is to empower our companies through knowledge, expertise and technology, from the concept design to the completion of the final product by implementing high quality components combined with a proficient and expert workforce to support regional and international markets with top-notch aerospace, land systems, and armored solutions.


To be a key player, leading manufacturer, preferred provider of quality defence products and services to our clients’ network, and a vital link in creating a world-class Aeronautical and Land Systems’ manufacturing ecosystem in the region.


The foundations of our values are based on Quality, Integrity, Care and Responsibility.


Quality is our corporate image and we constructed this strategic asset for company heritage based on the following fundamental pillars:

– Mission Assurance: We go further to meet the requirements and specifications of our clients, aiming to exceed their expectations.

– People: Our people are the main pillar and the path to build our excellence as a results-oriented industrial group focused on cutting-edge technology.

– Teamwork: Our Company is a multicultural and multi-nationalities organization, and our main strength remains in cooperative and positive teamwork.

– Continuous Improvement: We exert tireless efforts and are always on a restless pursuit to unparalleled effectiveness of the quality system and Calidus management system.

– Positive Partnerships: We uphold and preserve a proactive and mutually supportive relationship with our broad supply chain and partners.

– World-Class Delivery of Products: We provide the highest standards in quality products and aftermarket services to our clientele base, encompassing unique end-to-end solutions, and combining the best international practices and cost effectiveness.


We deliver on our commitment towards our clients and partners based on formidable pillars of good governance, transparency, and transactional credibility. Alongside the products, we provide deep industry knowledge, pragmatic solutions, and rigorous and transparent obligations leading to stable and long-term commercial relations.


It is of paramount importance for us that our employees feel valued. We promote a culture of support, appreciation, motivation, and acknowledgment of individual and collective achievements, and empower our workforce to efficiently contribute to both their organizational roles and their personal careers.


We have the requisite experience, work ethics, and resources to accomplish our work in compliance with the concluded project’s delivery milestone timeframe, ensuring the highest standards of quality and regulatory standards are fully honored.


The real capital of technology companies is continuous innovation. From this standpoint, Calidus has established an ideal work environment based on cultural pluralism, ethnicity, diversity, equity and inclusion. This ideal workplace has allowed the Company to attract the best minds and talents in the world. Our work team has a worldview perspective that enables them to always respond to the needs of customers around the world and exceed their expectations with efficiency, velocity, high quality, and unparalleled delivery timelines that win the admiration and satisfaction of our customers and partners alike. Entrenched in a multicultural and inclusive workplace environment, our robust and highly qualified workforce continuously contributes to promoting innovation and providing world class technological solutions that increase our highly impressive productivity standards characterized by quality, integrity, and professionalism.

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