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The Multi-Role Light Attack Aircraft

General Overview

The B-250 is a single-engine, propeller-driven light attack aircraft designed and developed by UAE based CALIDUS LLC.

Design and Development

The Calidus B-250 is a light attack aircraft with multi-role capabilities designed for combat missions such as close air support (CAS) for ground troops and special forces’ operations, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), persistent air support (PAS), counterinsurgency (COIN), in addition to basic and advanced training.

The B-250 is the first in its class to be fully designed and developed specifically for its mission, with a carbon fiber structure featuring less weight and high strength.


The B-250 is equipped with advanced systems including next generation avionics, mission, communication, and self-protection systems.

The highly sophisticated B-250 aircraft can conduct missions in all combat conditions. In addition to its ability to carry out long-distance sorties, the B-250 is equipped with integrated independent systems to deal with targets in all types of terrain, which empower it to achieve high performance in all geographical areas.

In addition, a big variety of weapons, ammunition, smart missiles, and laser-guided bombs can be qualified for the aircraft to strike targets with extreme accuracy. The aircraft is also designed to rearm quickly after landing even in bases with rugged terrain.


All this gives the aircraft an advantage among its competitors in performing various missions in a superior manner, with advanced capabilities and high-precision weapons. That allows the pilots and joint air command control units to efficiently conduct multi-role combat missions, explore the development of the battle, share weapon systems data, accurately identify friendly and foe forces, gain full military situational awareness, collect real-time operational information on forces, and transfer this information to the operations and command center through an advanced digital system. This makes the B-250 exceed all expectations in terms of achieving mission objectives and neutralizing and eliminating hostile forces.

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