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Ready For Combat Vehicle

Design and Development

The WAHASH is an advanced 8x8 vehicle platform manufactured by CLS, developed to push the boundaries of payload, mobility, protection and firepower for land and amphibious operations. The WAHASH vehicle system is designed to operate under extreme weather, terrain, and climatic conditions to enable mounted forces to complete their missions. The vehicle’s capabilities have been proven through its successful participation in the End-user’s trials and its successful completion of land and amphibious missions followed by shooting trials.


The WAHASH vehicle, with its cutting-edge protection solutions for occupants’ safety, is certified for STANAG 4569 Level 4 ballistic protection, STANAG 4569 level 4 Landmine protection (M4A and M4B). The vehicle can survive a roadside 50 kg TNT IED detonation at 5m from the vehicle, 1m above the ground with no injurious effect to the crew.

The WAHASH vehicle system includes an automatic fire suppression system and a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defense system. Ballistic, Landmine, IED and CBRN protection solutions use proprietary technology developed and manufactured in-house, allowing CLS to field different configurations of the WAHASH vehicle, each tailored to meet specific mission requirements of the end-user.

High Payload Capacity

The WAHASH vehicle system optimized driveline is designed to allow for high payload capacity even in the most difficult off-road terrains. This, combined with its protected driver’s cabin and comprehensive situational awareness camera system, provides an excellent operating environment for the crew. The monocoque armored hull eliminates the need for a subframe, contributing to increased production speed, a streamlined production process, and ease of maintenance.

Seamless Configuration

The WAHASH vehicle is a multi-purpose armoured platform with a modular design, allowing for the integration of different turrets, weapons, protection levels, and communication systems. It can be used as an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), Armoured Command Vehicle (ACV), Mobile Gun System (MGS), or for other purposes. The WAHASH is suitable for combat, surveillance, counter-insurgency missions, and other assignments.

It has a modern and flexible digital Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) and can easily incorporate different C4ISR and mission systems. The vehicle is capable of hosting large caliber weapons, including the BMP-3 and 105mm turrets, and various remote controlled weapon stations.  


Depending on configuration, it can carry a driver, commander, gunner, and 8 dismounts. The WAHASH is customizable and can be optimized to meet the needs and requirements of an end-user in a cost-effective manner.

CLS has the capability to support its customers effectively due to its in-house design and manufacturing knowledge. This allows the company to offer comprehensive support through competitive maintenance and training contracts. It provides technical and logistical support, spare parts, preventative maintenance, and tailored repair and system configuration services. The company can enroll customers’ employees in basic and advanced training programs to acquire the necessary knowledge and operational experience necessary to operate the equipment safely and efficiently. With its in-house expertise, CLS can provide an integrated package that covers all of its clients’ needs.

Furthermore, Calidus LLC has the in-house engineering capabilities to integrate and qualify an air defence system to its WAHASH 8x8 as per the requirements of the end-user. It is noteworthy of mention that the WAHASH vehicle has a payload capacity of 10975 kilograms.

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